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The profession of a Technical Sales Professional is a complex role, and there is no published map, no guide, no single methodology that will truly help you to be at your best.

The answer lies in your experience, your knowledge, and your unique personality. By finding and harnessing the talents that you already have, we can develop the right combination of techniques that will fire your passions and enable you to be at your most successful in the world of technical sales.

Singularity Sales Coaching focuses on helping engineers and technicians excel in the career as a sales professional by providing focused, one-on-one coaching sessions with Bill Greenleaf.

Bill’s focused approach of weekly coaching sessions over 60 days, either in person or virtual, will help you to identify the challenges in your sales methodology, improve your performance and be more confident in your role as a sales professional.

Using his 28 years of experience and the five key performance factors that have been the foundation of his success, Bill will help you to discover and leverage your unique techniques for developing customers, securing projects, and being successful in the world of technical sales.

The singularity Sales Coaching Process. Step 1. One-on-one meetings. Step 2. Customized Plan. Step 3. Weekly Phone Consultation. Step 4. Review and Improve

The Singularity Technical Sales Coaching Process:

  1. An initial one-on-one meeting will identify your goals for the program, strengths, and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Using Bill’s Five Key Performance Factors as a framework, follow a customized coaching plan the leverages your unique history, technical knowledge, and skillset.
  3. Through a series of one-hour calls with Bill scheduled for 8 consecutive weeks, use your everyday experiences to work your plan, learn from the results and continuously improve your process to reach your goals. Each call is an interactive engagement resulting in actionable content.
  4. The program closes with an honest review of our progress, accomplishments, and suggestions for next steps.

Contact Singularity Sales Coaching today to discuss how the 60-day coaching program may benefit you in your pursuit of sales excellence.