Bill Greenleaf


I am a Sales Coach, with over 29 years of experience as a Sales Professional, Manager and Director working with technical sales professionals and businesses both domestically and internationally. I use my experience to help others refine their sales abilities and find their path to excellence.

By focusing on five Key Performance Factors of Technical Sales Excellence, during my 60-Day Sales Coaching program, I help others improve their performance, sharpen their focus, and progress towards their professional goals.

Whether it’s within the 60-day program, or during a workshop or extended consulting contract, I help my clients identify their strengths and weaknesses and work alongside my clients to develop skills and techniques that position them to thrive as sales professionals, resulting in increased aptitude, confidence, and productivity.

Maximizing the potential of all types of sales professionals is my passion. I know what it means to sell a technical product or service. I’ve been there on the streets and in the boardrooms, from individual homeowners to Fortune 100 companies, in backyard barns and multi-acre manufacturing facilities. I’ve sold by myself, and I’ve directed large teams. I know what it means to leverage your knowledge, bring value to your customers and build your brand.

By applying the methods and practices that I’ve learned in my career, we will fire your passion and help you to be at your most successful in the world of technical sales.


  • Entrepreneurial and driven senior sales and marketing professional with 29 years of experience delivering high-impact business development strategies to increase sales and service customers.
  • Energetic, personable and hands-on sales professional and senior manager; dedicated to leading by example and encouraging professional staff success through customer-centric environments and staff accountability; persuasive and positive business leader with bottom-line approach; focused on solving customer issues, generating new revenue pipelines, connecting product benefits to customer needs, and championing company vision.